Beaumont Hills Education and Care Centres


Our mission is to be a centre of excellence and offer the highest quality of education and care for all babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in our care and build positive relationships with the children and their families.


We believe that the first five years of a child's life are the most important in providing a foundation for their future growth and development. The skills they acquire in these first five years prepare them for their life beyond early childhood, and encompasses social skills, everyday life skills, as well as lay a strong learning foundation for their future school experience.


Our aim is to provide a best practice education and care centre for children and their families by providing a caring, safe, secure, hygienic and supportive learning environment. As a small centre, we can focus on the individual nurturing and development of each child. We support relationships based on respect, kindness, fairness and consideration of others.


Through our educational program, we aim to provide children with the opportunities to build on their emerging interests and abilities, with an emphasis on self expression and creativity. As we believe a healthy mind and body is conducive to optimum learning for children, we also aim to encourage appropriate healthy lifestyle skills, such as healthy eating habits(e.g. balanced meals, no preservatives and artificial colours, flavours or enhancers), physical activity and sustainable living skills for now and their future.


Our Educators work together with families and the community to provide the best learning opportunities for each individual child.

"To enlighten is to educate children for life"